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ACOUSTIC telephone HOODS, kiosks and cabinets

Welcome to Storacall TeleAcoustics Ltd.

Since 1976, we have manufactured and supplied industrial & standard phone hoods as well as payphone kiosks to a range of sectors across the UK and many other parts of the world. Quality design, durability and versatility are at the heart of everything we produce. As demand for mobile phones has increased over the years, payphone kiosks are still required for emergencies, and in locations where mobile use is prohibited. Many of our interior and exterior telephone hoods are used in prisons, hospitals, and offshore engineering plants and oil rigs. Acoustic hoods provide a private place to take calls in offices. Whatever your needs, our phone kiosks and hoods can be adapted to your environment, thanks to our bespoke service.

Internal phone hoods

Our range of indoor phone hoods are designed with soundproof insulation, with a choice of faux leather and fabric materials. Perfect for public spaces and open plan offices, our internal phone hoods offer privacy, and help you create designated spaces for employees to take private and business calls.

External phone hoods

Made with sturdy weatherproof material, our phone kiosks and hoods are suitable for any environment, and can safely house payphones, or act as a quiet space to take a mobile call in a noisy space.

kiosks and workspaces

Our multimedia and industrial telephone kiosks & workspaces offer a more enclosed, quieter space for communication and working, creating flexibility in open plan working environments. Our kiosks are available in a range of sizes and colours, so you can adapt to the needs of your users and your space.

Telephone Cabinets

Secure weatherproof enclosures to protect telecoms equipment, available in a range of sizes and colours. Bespoke graphics can be produced upon application

Payphone hoods for prisons and marine - made with reinforced steel and other materials, these payphone hoods offer a protective space for highly secure settings, such as prisons, oil rigs and other locations where mobile phone use is restricted or prohibited

Our range of industrial-standard payphone kiosks are here to meet the communications challenges of a range of public spaces and industrial locations. Whether you are looking to create a quiet space for phone calls in an open plan office, or a protective cover to keep a telephone in a hard-to-reach outdoor location in the UK or anywhere in the world, our range of marine hoods, acoustic hoods and payphone kiosks are made to last. As you explore our range:



To help you find the right phone hoods and kiosks for your needs, you can search our product range by the type of industry or environment they will be used in. As well as the listed products, we also provide a bespoke service, allowing you to choose the shape, colour and style of your phone hoods in a way that matches your branding and the surroundings


If you have any questions about our product ranges, please contact our UK based team who will be happy to help.

Simply complete the contact form here  and we will respond as soon as possible. Feel free to call us if you prefer to chat