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Workspace Booths

Thanks to our range of acoustic pods, you can make any open plan office into a flexible space that can be used for different functions, such as a telephone booth. A workspace booth is a cost-effective alternative to building partitions or moving to a new location. Specifically designed for workspaces, our soundproof enclosures allow workers to conduct phone calls in privacy, and to complete important tasks in a quiet space that promotes focus and presence of mind.

Modular design and flexible sizes provide separate working areas to isolate activities and keep people separated when deeper focus is needed. Storacall’s workspace booths are available in office, industrial and outdoor design formats, and are easy to relocate.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, this compact booth is made from anodised aluminium, to offer a private working area within a more open plan environment. We can combine two workspace booths to create a more accessible area. With a tough exterior, the inside of the booth is clean, simple and comfortable, with a seat and a spacious extending shelf for laptops. We offer a range of additional extras, allowing you to build an acoustic pod that’s ideal for your office and the people who use it.

STORACALL MODULAR ACOUSTIC PODS - These modular kiosk-style acoustic pods are available as commercial and industrial versions. Each version allows you to choose the configuration that works best for your space. You may wish to add individual pods or add multiple pods together to create a larger workspace booth that can be used as a multi-person meeting room.

BESPOKE & CUSTOM DESIGN SERVICE - Our versatile and durable range of telephone booths and acoustic pods for workspaces can be customised to match the décor, colours and branding themes of your office location. Reach out to our team to find out more about how our bespoke design service works.

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See our entire range of industrial phone solutions below. Many industries across the UK and internationally trust us to provide all-weather telephone hoods, outdoor phone enclosures and phone kiosks for public spaces and areas where payphones are used. Our clients include offshore oil rigs, prisons, shopping malls, and the hospitality sector. Our range of GRP telephone booths are made to withstand heavy amounts of wear and tear and come in a range of materials to suit every environment, providing protection and privacy to users.

Ideal for factories, office and other public buildings, our collection of highly secure external telephone enclosures and cabinets can be mounted on walls or posts and are suitable for use with emergency handsets.

All products come in a choice of colours and mounting options