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Telephone Cabinets

See our range of industrial & commercial internal & external phone cabinet solutions here. Many industries across the UK and internationally trust us to provide all-weather, robust telephone hoods, outdoor phone enclosures and phone kiosks for public spaces and private areas where payphones are used

Ideal for factories, office and other public buildings, our collection of highly secure external telephone enclosures and cabinets can be mounted on walls or posts and are suitable for use with emergency handsets.

Our clients include offshore oil rigs, prisons, shopping malls, and the hospitality sector. Our range of GRP telephone booths and cabinets are made to withstand heavy amounts of wear and tear and come in a range of materials to suit every environment, providing protection and privacy to users.

Most products come in a choice of colours and mounting options

Telephone cabinets, designed for robust outdoor use, are essential components in ensuring reliable communication in various settings. Constructed from durable materials such as steel and glass-reinforced plastic (GRP), these cabinets provide a secure housing for telecommunication equipment

They are particularly vital in emergency situations, where dependable access to communication is crucial. Featuring an IP66 weatherproof rating, these tough outdoor boxes are built to withstand harsh environmental conditions, ensuring that the equipment inside remains operational regardless of weather

Their resilience and security make them an ideal choice for locations that require constant, reliable communication capabilities.

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A single, project-specific system is adopted based on the principles of the Storacall TeleAcoustics system and particular project requirements. In addition, Storacall Teleacoustics is committed to establishing processes to drive continual improvement by measurement and analysis of business activities. The quality system has been refined over many years and is now successfully applied to all Company projects, production and service. The strengths of the quality management system, together with the systems of associated companies, ensure that a focused and effective quality management system is implemented on every project.