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Gai-Tronics Titan Telephone


The Titan telephone offers further environmental resistance with a door. The IP rating is increased, and the door can deter potential vandalism as the telephone isn't immediately visible. There is a locking option to restrict access to the telephone if required.

The aluminium body is robust and designed to last longer in hostile outdoor environments. Along with weather and vandal resistance, the Titan range meets the acoustic performance, reliability and varying applications demanded by today's markets.

Applications: Indoor or outdoor where you need a telephone with a high level of protection. Examples: police stations, prisons, railways stations, tunnels, sports stadiums, airport baggage handling, underground stations and walkways, gate entries, barrier control and car parks.


  • Colour: Yellow
  • Vandal Resistant Handset and Cord
  • Weather proof protection to IP66
  • Full keypad, full keypad with memory, CB and 1, 3 and 6 button programmable autodialler telephones
  • Audio Path Testing
  • Multi purpose design for wall or post mounting, simple installation
  • Large tactile buttons, easy to see and operate
  • Inductive Coupler fitted as standard for hard of hearing
  • Standard or customised units
  • CE Compliant
  • The standard analogue unit provides basic telephone functions and can be connected to any standard two-wire telephone line, including FXS ports, analogue PABX lines and PSTN


  • 15 & 18 button Full Keypad: Included in the 18 button version, are 3 direct dial buttons for fast one touch dialling of pre-stored numbers or accessing low cost call facilities. The15 and 18 keypad versions include: S 'Microphone mute' or 'Silence', R 'Recall', LR 'Last number redial
  • 1, 3, 6 & 18 button Autodiallers: These models are programmable via an internal keypad. A microphone muting facility guards against unauthorised calls made with a remote MF tone pad. To make a call, simply lift the handset and press a single button. The pre-programmed number (up to 24 digits) will then dial automatically.
  • 0 button CB: This can be used to initiate a PABX 'hotline' or lift handset and wait for reply, where the PABX does the call routing/dialling. Autodial on handset lift also available.

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