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Storacall Workspace Booth

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The Storacall Workspace Booth has been designed to provide a quieter, more private working space in open plan offices or public areas

Manufactured using high quality anodised aluminium modular extrusions and laminated MDF panel, the booth establishes a solid and comfortable working environment

Booths can be supplied installed as a bank of 2+ units to provide more accessibility

Interior LED lighting and a ceiling fan provide security and comfort


  • Robust Framework
  • Tough Exterior
  • Secondary acoustic panelling
  • Numerous colour and panel options
  • Easily adjustable desk/shelf height
  • Extending work surface desk
  • Corporate logos and/or graphics can be applied
  • Damaged individual panels can be replaced on site
  •  Many user experience extras available 


  • Internal lighting
  • Adjustable phone/tablet/laptop easel
  • Mains power point
  • Internal fan unit
  • Others on request


Dimensions: Single space unit with door - H224cm W117cm D116cm

Weight: Up to 262Kg

FOR PRICES +44 (0)1242 570995