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Rhino 1 Telephone

  • Rhino 1 Telephone Grey
  • Rhino 1 Side View


The Rhino 1 Telephone is housed in cold rolled steel box and manufactured to a high standard, it offers increased resistance to vandalism, and ensures that the primary function of communication is maintained at all times, resulting in a highly reliable product with a long MTBF.

Ideal for parking lots, prisons, railway/metro platforms, hospitals, police stations, ATM machines, stadiums, inside and outside building etc.


Standard Analogue phone

Robust construction, Vandal resistant

Weather protection IP54-IP65

Tamper resistant fixings

Simple installation

Fast-fit terminal connection

Full Keypad

Can be programmed remotely by tone phone or locally via keypad

Non-volatile memory

Telephone line powered

Weatherproof and corrosion resistant handset

Stainless steel armoured handset cord

Net weight: 2.2KG

Gross weight: 2.7KG

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