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Modular Multimedia Kiosk

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The Storacall Multimedia Kiosk has been designed to provide a quieter, more private communication/working space, in open plan offices or public areas

Manufactured using high quality anodised aluminium modular extrusions, the structure can easily be extended or configured to order. Choose a bigger kiosk, additional panels or removal of whole sections such as the door. Many user experience add-ons are also available

Wall panels are customisable from a range of colours and materials.

Acoustic panels, clear panels, translucent panels , textured panels or a combination of panels, are all easily fitted, to order. Just let us know what you'd like

Delivered fully assembled, the kiosk can be dismantled on site if necessary, making it possible to install where a fully assembled kiosk cannot fit through a doorway or small space

This is an internal use kiosk only but a very similar version, suitable for external use, can be found here 

Please complete our Kiosk Build Configurator page here:

We will then be notified of your selections and respond with a price!


  • Robust Modular Framework
  • Sustainable Acoustic Panels with excellent noise-absorption
  • Numerous colour and material panel options
  • Corporate logos and/or graphics can be applied
  • Replace damaged individual panels instead of whole wall sections
  • Many user experience add-ons available


  • Acoustic panels
  • Coloured panels
  • Translucent panels
  • Glass panels
  • Colour anodised frame
  • Personalised Vinyl Graphics
  • Let us know what you'd like to see and we will send you a customised visual representation and quotation for review


  • Internal lighting
  • Adjustable phone/tablet/laptop easel
  • Fold-down Stool
  • Telephone Socket
  • Device charging hub
  • Ethernet connection hub
  • Mains power point
  • Internal fan unit
  • Notice board
  • Levelling Feet
  • Others on request

Please complete our Kiosk Build Configurator page here: 

We will then be notified of your selections and respond with a price


Dimensions: Single unit with door - H2086mm W994mm D994mm

Weight: Single unit with door - Approx 250 Kg

FOR PRICES +44 (0)1242 570995