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Beacon 2.5 Joule Flash Mains Powered


The Telephone Ring Initiated Beacons are designed for industrial and community welfare applications where a visual indication of a ringing telephone is required.

Applications also include 'Emergency Evacuation' alarm and 'Colour Coded Personal Telephone' indication for use in factories where high ambient noise levels persist.

Applications: Industrial and commercial applications with high ambient noise levels. Can be used where a visual indication of a ringing telephone is required or as an alarm indication.

Lens Colour Available: Amber, Red, Green, Blue, Clear


  • Supply voltage 230V ac
  • Supply voltage limits +15%
  • Supply current 30mA
  • Flash Energy 2.5J
  • Luminous Intensity 8 to 40cd (Varies according to colour)
  • Temperature limits -40°C +55° C
  • IEC protection class IP65
  • Telephone Ring Initiation with Tinkle Suppression
  • No Shunt Capacitor
  • Height of beacon 143
  • Height of dome 65
  • Diameter of base 82

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